Seratrol™ by Golden West Biologicals, Inc.® is Quality Sera for Consistent Controls. Seratrol™ is a comprehensive product line that has been shaped through customer feedback and years of technical expertise; providing application solutions for many. There is no one product that performs well in every application. At GWB we work with customers to provide Seratrol™ solutions that meet specific application requirements and eliminate the one product fits all approach and provides the right solution.

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Seratrol™ Human Serum From Defibrinated Plasma

Description Catalog #
Defibrinated SP1000
Seratrol™ Immunobase 1* SP1000-IB1
Seratrol™ Immunobase 2* SP1000-IB1
Defibrinated Delipidized SP1010
Defibrinated Resin Treated SP1020
Defibrinated Delipidized Resin Treated SP1030
Defibrinated Charcoal Treated SP1040
Defibrinated Double Charcoal Treated SP1050
Defibrinated Delipidized
Charcoal Treated
Defibrinated Delipidized
Double Charcoal Treated
Seratrol™ CRP Free Serum SP1072.5
Seratrol™ Vitamin D Free Serum, Delipidized SP1080
Seratrol™ Vitamin D Free Serum SP1081
Seratrol™ Off the Clot Serum

Off The Clot Serum
Description Catalog #
Off the Clot Serum SP2000
Delipidized SP2010
Resin Treated SP2020
Delipidized Resin Treated SP2030
Charcoal Treated SP2040
Double Charcoal Treated SP2050
Charcoal Treated Delipidized SP2060
Double Charcoal Treated Delipidized SP2070

Additional Product Information

• Each donor unit is tested and found either negative or non-reactive for FDA mandated viral markers using an FDA approved method

• All plasma and serum units are obtained from U.S. facilities that are FDA regulated

• Material is processed according to cGMP standards

• All products can be customized to meet customer specific requirements

*Seratrol™ Immunobase 1 & Seratrol™ Immunobase 2 are within the following ranges

Analyte SP1000-IB1 SP1000-IB2 UOM
α-1-acid-Glycoprotein As Found 100 - 200 mg/dl
α-1-Anti-Trypsin 100 - 150 200 - 400 mg/dl
α-2-Macroglobulin As Found 200 - 400 mg/dl
β-2-Microglobulin As Found 1.5 - 4.0 mg/dl
C3 100 - 150 250 - 400 mg/dl
C4 20 - 35 35 - 70 mg/dl
Ceruloplasmin As Found 50 - 80 mg/dl
Analyte SP1000-IB1 SP1000-IB2 UOM
Haptoglobin 75 - 125 180 - 300 mg/dl
IgA 150 - 250 350 - 450 mg/dl
IgG 800 - 1150 1500 - 2100 mg/dl
IgM 90 - 120 150 - 250 mg/dl
Total Protein 6.5 - 7.5 10.0 - 14.0 mg/dl
Transferrin 190 - 290 400 - 600 mg/dl

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements or to request a sample.